Lexi Riesenberg

Lexi Riesenberg (Gallatin 2019) and Gino Lee met during a chance Summer encounter at Pete’s Candy Store, the cozy Brooklyn food and music venue where they were both participating in an open mic event. What began as friendly conversation between singer-songwriters to ease the pre-performance jitters has blossomed into the formation of “strangers” the name of Riesenberg and Lee’s feel-good pop duo project. Embodied met up with Lexi one afternoon, celebratory bubble tea in hand after having just completed her colloquium, to talk the serendipitous formation of “strangers,” the cultural and political importance of pop music, Beyoncé, and the exciting things in store for this pop music pair.


Sophie Jones and Meghan Takahashi

ÓLaVie is a company started by Columbia University senior Meghan Takahashi and NYU Gallatin freshman Sophie Jones that values creating a close community, sustainable farming, and human connection sans the crutch of smartphones. Since July, they have hosted a number of intimate pop-up dinners out of Sophie’s refined Manhattan apartment that have proven their food and drink expertise, as well as stunning culinary intuition and skill. In this exclusive conversation between Sophie and Meghan we get an insider’s peek into the birth of an idea born from passion and its growth into a real community in the hands of two inspiring, driven young women.

Micah Pegues

Embodied sat down and spoke with Micah Pegues (Gallatin 2020), one of the founders of Polychrome Mag., a magazine created by creatives of color to shine a light on the work of creatives of color. The twenty year old Texan native is not only soaring high after a sold out release of Polychrome’s first issue but is also being featured in publications such as ARTSY and Forbes for her refreshing work with Polyrchrome. We met up with Micah in the West Village at Grounded, her favorite coffee shop, to discuss the current state of print and the important advice she learned from Rookie creator Tavi Gevinson.

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Sabrina Santiago

Sabrina Santiago is inspired by New York City, but not in the way you’d expect. After starting school at Gallatin, we came to learn that it was not the exciting hustle of the city that continued to catch her eye but the exciting opportunity to view mundanities of the city day in and day out from a multiplicity of perspectives. We sat down with the photographer to discuss her inspirations, whether in New York or Sydney, Australia, and the merits of being a photographer and artist in the age of Instagram.


Tia Glista

Embodied spoke with Tia Glista (Gallatin 2020), the creator of Couturesque. At only 19, Glista has her own magazine and an internship at Vogue under her belt. The Canadian native is currently finishing up a semester at NYU London before heading off to Florence for the spring - all of which is being documented online as her mini fashion empire continues to flourish. We discuss fashion, taking risks and how age has been a driving theme in her career thus far.

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Kat vlasova

Kat Vlasova, AKA Holographic Girlfriend, is a sophomore at Gallatin studying multimedia art and digital technology. Kat has spent the last year discovering her musical side, taking inspiration from Riot Grrrl bands and her neurological condition, synesthesia. Holographic Girlfriend is working on her first EP and exploring who she is as a female musician. Over iced coffee on an unseasonably warm September morning, we had the chance to sit down with Kat to talk about her passion for rock music, how technology has influenced her art and aesthetic, and her goals as an emerging female artist.


Cyán Williams

Cyán Williams is inspired by human nature, by anything that appears to be odd or jarring. A junior transfer in NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts who hails from Trenton, New Jersey, her films are heavily influenced by experimental jazz, Afrofuturism, black aesthetic, science fiction, and the natural world.

Jack + eliza

 Jack + Eliza have just released their debut album Gentle Warnings. Given their years of friendship and hours on the tour bus, we thought they might want to ask each other some highly personal trivia, with topics ranging from their first encounter to their favorite Beatle.