CardI B, My Everywoman

By Jenzia Burgos


Art by Sara Shakeel

By Shirley Cahyadi

"Having begun the year with Issue 11: “Print is Dead,” we come full circle with an issue available exclusively in print. It features a collection of essays, short stories, poetry, and visual art from our brilliant and thought-provoking staff and contributors. As another year in EMBODIED comes to a celebratory close, we thank you for bearing witness to our greatest ambitions that we hope to see blossom and dance into a thrilling and bright future."

-  Editor in chief, Kaylee Warren. Read more from her editor's letter for Issue 13 here.


For our Spring 2019 issue, EMBODIED releases its first ever themeless issue as well as its first print issue after four years. Read the full issue here.

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Reviews of the conversation starting books, film, television, exhibitions, and more that are shaping pop culture.


At the Gallatin fashion show, photographer Sam Cheng stepped into this year's sartorial dream. Take an exclusive look at all that went down.

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by MayA Kotomori

Spring 2019

Click above to check out some of our favorite fits from New Yorkers this season.

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Lexi Riesenberg (Gallatin 2019) and Gino Lee met during a chance Summer encounter at Pete’s Candy Store, the cozy Brooklyn food and music venue where they were both participating in an open mic event. What began as friendly conversation between singer-songwriters to ease the pre-performance jitters has blossomed into the formation of “strangers” the name of Riesenberg and Lee’s feel-good pop duo project. Embodied met up with Lexi one afternoon, celebratory bubble tea in hand after having just completed her colloquium, to talk the serendipitous formation of “strangers,” the cultural and political importance of pop music, Beyoncé, and the exciting things in store for this pop music pair. Read the full interview here.

Embodied’s new bi-weekly column featuring art reviews and interviews with artists who are tackling environmental and anthropogenic issues in their work. By Shanti Escalante



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