Mindy's Moment

by Audrey Stiffle

Why Not Me graphic courtesy of Crown Archetype.jpg

In her newest book, Why Not Me?, funny-woman Mindy Kaling uncovers adulthood and reflects on past relationships, imparting wisdom on her readers about a host of topics: beauty tips, relationship woes and Hollywood secrets. She does it all with her quintessential candor, the quality that draws millions each week to The Mindy Project, the hysterical television show she both stars in and writes.

This humorous collection of coming-of-age essays displays Kaling’s wit and creativity. She has a way of talking to her readers as though they are her friends, and her essays capture something integral about the human experience. Compared to her first book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, a general exploration of maturation, romance, and her childhood, her new book focuses on more specific topics that made her who she is today. Among the topics she explores and indicts are Hollywood’s impossible beauty standards, the paradox of bridesmaids, the myth of Hollywood sex scenes and The Mindy Project. A befitting closer, the last chapter is a transcription of her infamous commencement speech at Harvard Law School. Kaling also reminisces about uproarious times with the cast and crew of The Office. The book is a laugh-out-loud read, not least because of Kaling’s refreshing outlook on the over-saturated world of celebrity. 

Kaling understands her demographic, and she capitalizes on this by addressing topics pertinent to young womanhood. She struggles to fit into her sorority, fawns over Bradley Cooper and doles out little aphorisms every reader could certainly use. The book allows for an easy connection to the woman behind this page-turner. A perfect winter-break read, you are guaranteed to burst out laughing seeing the world through Mindy’s impossibly witty lens.