In the midst of a nose-dive straight into the digital age, we can’t help but assume print is dead.

But, maybe it isn’t.

hero image features - issue11.jpg

“It’s more important than ever for print magazines to exude an experience that cannot be found elsewhere. Raising questions of uniqueness, the ubiquity of digital inhibits the experience that creators painstakingly produce. Magazines aren’t dead because the visceral feeling of holding an object in your hands and feeling its pages slide between your fingers doesn’t exist online. Magazines aren’t dead because the way sunlight dances across carefully arranged imagery and content is a scintillating experience. Magazines aren’t dead because our humanity isn’t dead.”

“In a digital world, print stands out. So, it’s not so much a resurrection of print in the digital world as it is a resurgence. Print allows for a revival of our inner selves; it brings us back to life. With content that bridges the gap between the current and the nostalgic, magazines offer sensory experiences that are simply unparalleled.”

- Kelsey Jain, creative director


Creative Direction: Kelsey Jain

Styling: Simi Iluyomade

Photography: Kelsey Jain

Models: Ella Fofana, Christiana Collins, Simi Iluyomade, Samir Undavia, Tyler Simmons