By Alejandro Villa Vasquez

Liar, liar, house of pyramids.

My husband wants someone like him.

The world owes me a wife.

We’re not like the other homes on the block.

I had to ask my friend Margarita what son uhba beech means.

Why’re you speaking Spanish?

We’re not a home.

Don’t say that. He’s done a lot for us.

I’ll break your arm, don’t raise your voice.

It’s crooked and insurmountable.

He’s showering again. It’s for someone else.

That haircut makes you older.

My friends don’t know what my house looks like.

He brought one of his friends over. I’m hiding in my room.

Come over, I’ll show you the new ‘vette.

I hide the kitten like a secret, so he can’t hurt it.

Come here, baby. I love you. What’s your pain?

I’m gunna give you away, bastard.

I make sure to write about how much I hate you.

When did he say he was going to hurt you?

The divorce is on you.

This is a pyramid. I can’t stand anymore.

I feel a panic. It could be vertigo.

I’m going to take this knife and kill myself.

Where are they?

Check the purse. The cheap sapphire.

You have to stop this.

I called an ambulance.

¡Amá, amá! ¡Ayudamé!

Stop crying. I can’t feel my eyes.

Kaylee WarrenComment