Origami Girl

By Joanna Yamakami

I am the Origami girl,

折り紙の女 4’9”, 100 lbs, XS,

But apparently not small enough yet

Striving to take up less space

The black hole of my mouth

Speaks myself into oblivion

you don’t see me? It’s fine neither do they

Crane girl cannot fly away

Paper too thin, wings too frail

But hey, she looks perfect on paper

Paper girl lets them fold her

They tear her paper skin into paper shreds

Tears warp her once white pristine, now sags red

Asian girl sits immobile

They rip off her wings and tell her what she already knows

Go back to 2D, you 3D yellow oriental

Human girl opens her mouth in protest

To claim her crane space

Instead swallows her words

Her words and bloodline ooze out

Folding into herself

Becoming flat

Becoming nothing


I n v i s i b l e

Kaylee WarrenComment