Seeking Solstice

By Jordan Allen

The Sun. The Moon.

The Nebulae. The Universe.

I want it all. I need it all.

She needed it all. He wanted it all.

She had nothing to give him. He wanted nothing from her.

They wanted each other.

Needed it all.

Wanted nothing.

Needed nothing.

They wanted it all.

The cycle spins.

It’s everlasting.

How long is forever?

It’s everlasting.

Seeking Solstice. Seeking truth.

Seeking Equinox. Seeking lies.

In search of the answer.

In possession of the question.

Mary goes.

She comes back around.

Their souls levitate.

They come back down.

Their minds collide, along with these souls.

The solar eclipse shines through the holes.

The puzzle didn’t fit, it made the perfect square.

To say that it did just wouldn’t be fair.

It was based on a lie,

that they believed was the truth,

which was based on a truth,

that they conceived as a lie.

No one was to be believed.

Everyone had been deceived.

The greatest fib

was the truth all along.

Now, all they ever knew was gone.

In search of the truth.

In pursuit of a lie.

Is it better to seek, or to live and to die?

Oh, my…


Originally published 12/09/15

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