Androphobia: The Fear of Men

By Crystal Valentine

He told me I was a poet,

And that was all the reason he needed

To wanna find out how deep I really was

Said he liked cutting his hands on broken things


I told him I was allergic to men

Said it's irrational

Said I fear men the way the devil fears God

          He laughed

He liked that

Said he was gonna fix me,

Do something drastic

Like dangle a key in front of my face

Then lock me in a room full of orgasm

    And tell me not to touch nothing


And now I think I’m fixed

Because I can look at a guy’s shaft without     flinching

But I still can’t drink water

From a bottle cuz’ I fear it will deepthroat

Me without my permission

But that’s just silly thoughts


Originally published 12/09/15

Kaylee WarrenComment